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El Dorado Quest

Become a real hunter of treasures! Have a captivating adventure with Bob and Jane! You will go
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14 December 2007

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For centuries, El Dorado has been an enigma of sorts for scholars and adventurers across the world who tried varied methods to unearth this lost city of gold. In actuality, El Dorado is the name of a Muisca tribal chief who covered his body with gold dust and subsequently dived into Guatavita Lake. People have been immensely fascinated by this legendary city yet its secrets have eluded the mankind for reasons best known to nature. Several motion pictures have been created on such premises that involve treasure hunting and exploring new lands like the Indiana Jones series or any other. Similarly, such storylines are common in developing computer and video games as well and El Dorado Quest 2.7 is one such example wherein the story revolves around treasure hunting and exploring.

El Dorado Quest opens with a vivid looking interface with the chief options placed at the top right corner and the main screen displaying the arrangement of jewels and precious stones that needs to be discovered by the chief protagonists Bob and Jane who go out to unearth the hidden treasures. The step by step journey to the ancient Inca civilization to discover the city of El Dorado concealed within the Amazon jungles. Consisting of some immensely powerful treasures of the Inca Empire, the game centers on unearthing these treasures by crossing different levels of puzzles and obstacles. The game consists of several adventures that also includes buried relics and requires searching of artifacts that need to be put together to form the 7 holy amulets which combined together become the key to the magical kingdom of El Dorado.

To conclude, El Dorado Quest definitely proves to be am adventurous and entertaining ride for the players and hence scores a rating of four points for its enhanced working and performance.

Publisher's description

Become a real hunter of treasures! Have a captivating adventure with Bob and Jane! You will go step by step into the ancient Incan civilization to find the lost city of Eldorado, the city that is hidden in the Amazon jungles. Eldorado conceals the Inca's treasures, the treasures of a powerful empire.
You will search for an discover artifacts. Put them together to form 7 holy amulets. All these amulets combine to form the magic key to the mysterious city of Eldorado. It's not that easy to get to the concealed rubies, gold, and diamonds. You will have to solve a great number of puzzles that reveal secrets of the ancient Incan civilization. Now, get ready for the journey with Bob and Jane!
El Dorado Quest
El Dorado Quest
Version 2.7
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